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Q: Are these samples royalty free?


A: Yes they are 100% royalty free



Q: How do I use the samples?


A: Just drag the files into your sampler’s file destination folder and that’s it!



Q: What is the file format?


A: All files are 44.1k 24 bit WAV files.



Q: Do you offer returns or refunds?


A: Due to the nature of our digital products, it is not possible to return the samples.



Q: What do I need to use these drum packs?


A: Any sample program or drum triggering software that utilizes WAV files. (pretty much all of them!)

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?

A:  Yes! Click on this link for more info: AFFILIATES

Q: How do I load REX files into Stylus RMX?

A: There is a video tutorial on how to load REX samples HERE.  Also, there is a step by step tutorial in the READ ME file.

Q: What are .tci files?

A: .tci files are used with Slate Trigger.  They are files that contain multiple hits and velocities for each drum.  Simply drop the .tci file into your Trigger sample destination folder.

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