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Bad drum sounds??  Take ours!


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Skiddco Music Drum Sample Packs!

Personal Sample Libraries from Grammy award winning Producer / Mixer / Engineer Skidd Mills

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4 Volumes classified by the consoles they were recorded through:

Vol I : API Legacy Consoles

Vol II: Neve Consoles

Vol III: SSL and Trident Consoles

VOL IV: Bonus pack

A note from the engineer:


When I started thinking about cataloging all the samples I have accumulated over the years, I was caught up on how to classify the samples.  After looking at the bulk of the work, I noticed that about a third were from API consoles, a third from Neve Consoles, and the remaining third from other consoles like my own SSL, Tridents, and other custom consoles.  So I decided to put out 3 Volumes classified by the consoles they were recorded through, along with a 4th “Bonus” Volume of one-off samples that I have used over the years, along with some misc samples.


Over the years, I have had the privilege to work at some of the finest recording studios around, including Blackbird, Omnisound, Sienna Sound (old Quad), Ardent, Dark Horse, and my own studio here in Nashville, along with countless others.  All of these samples were recorded using only the best preamp and signal paths, including the highest quality converters and microphones available.  Neve, API, Trident, SSL consoles were used. 


As I reflect on all the sessions over the years it took to accumulate these, I often think of the engineers that taught me so much in my early career.  I was lucky enough to be mentored by some great engineers / producers including John Hampton, Joe Hardy, John Fry, and Paul Ebersold.  John Hampton was  one of the great engineers of his time. He taught me almost everything I know, and still use to this day,  about getting  great drum sounds.  Sadly, John is no longer with us.  John was a great teacher, and I’ve always strived to put into practice all the things he taught me about being an engineer. 

About the engineer:

Producer / Mixer / Tracking Engineer Skidd Mills is a multi grammy award winning producer / mixer / engineer who has over 25 years of experience in the recording business.  He currently resides in Nashville TN.  Skidd started his career at the famed Ardent Studios in Memphis TN.  In 2001, he and fellow producer Paul Ebersold opened 747 Studios in Memphis TN.  In 2009, Skidd moved his operation to Nashville TN where he currently owns and operates his Skiddco Studios.


These samples are from his personal vast sample library that he has accumulated over the last 2+ decades.  Never before released to anyone, now they can be available to you! 

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